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April 2016

Strike-offs are being accelerated by Companies House

Directors have been told that they now have only four months to save their company from being struck-off from the Companies House Register if they do not reply to formal letters from registrars.

Helping hand in the dark for struggling landlords

In the last year the buy-to-let sector has been hit by a number of new government measures aimed at increasing the Treasury’s tax take from the sector.

Government seeks out tax-efficient remuneration

The move to tax loans to participators at a higher rate was not announced by the Chancellor in his main speech to Parliament.

Personal tax regime experiences shake up in the Budget

The Chancellor used his latest Budget announcement to deliver a raft of changes to the personal tax regime.

1.7 million self-employed to miss out on National Living Wage

It has been estimated that more than 1.7 million self-employed workers now earn below the new National Living Wage.

Study reveals UK SME success

A new report published by insurance and pension provider Standard Life has revealed the key drivers of success for UK SMEs over the next five years.

Holiday pay calculations: changes to be aware of

A number of recent court judgments need to be considered when calculating holiday pay and the rules employers and workers must follow to calculate holiday pay may need to be updated.

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